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  Visit Teresonic room 5001 at the 2015 New York Audio Show at the Hilton Westchester in beautiful Rye Brook, New York (November 6-8) to hear what will change your perception and enjoyment of digital music. The best of Teresonic, Berkeley Audio Design, Baetis Audio, and Pass Labs components are assembled to demonstrate a Reference digital audio system. A system like no othe Read more … ...

Visitors at the California Audio Show 2014 in San Francisco enjoyed the Teresonic room: “…the Berkeley reference DAC was being played on the Teresonic single-driver speakers. I cannot tell you whether what I heard was mostly the DAC as there were other great components in that system. But I can tell you that it was absolutely amazing. For me it was the one of the most unforgettable experiences of the show. How it is that music of that high quality can be so compelling and emotionally gripping I don't know. But it was.”  Reed more…   ...

Two new Gold Digital cables are introduced at the CAS 2014 including S/PDIF coaxial 75 Ohm with gold-plated BNC connectors, as well as AES balanced 110 Ohm with XLR connectors. Both using 24ct solid gold conductors with extremely high purity of 999.99 (or 5N) that’s not commercially available. All perfectly shielded and tested at over 200 MHz... Read more... ...

A testament of audio quality - Teresonic speakers in: Stereophile 500+ RECOMMENDED COMPONENTS: 2015, 2014, 2013; Stereophile 500+ BEST AUDIO PRODUCTS, April 2013; Stereophile RECOMMENDED COMPONENTS – Collector’s Edition 2013; Stereophile 500 BEST SOUNDING, HIGH-END AUDIO PRODUCTS 2012… ... ...

Not just a loudspeaker. It's a musical instrument

Ultra high efficiency loudspeakers
– Up to 103 dB. Ten times more than traditional speakers! 1W tube amplifier will sound big

Lowther speaker drivers
– Full range, single driver speakers with no crossover, for life-like music
Musical instruments like
– Beautifully sculptured. Individually handcrafted. Workmanship for generations
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Fully shielded cables for reference systems

Up to 97% of the speed of light, for exceptional clarity and detail
– for exceptional clarity and detail

Fully shielded cables
– Ultimate signal protection. No EMI, RFI, crosstalk… will ever touch your music again

Finest materials
– 99.999% pure gold and silver for perfect neutrality and musicality

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